Trapped in an unsalable house on valuable land? We can help.

Post Series: Unique Homes Design/Build Process

You raised your children in the house you are living in; there are happy memories, but for a while now it has been overwhelming to maintain the house and yard. How do you sell when the land value is greater than the house AND land?  How do you find a solution and move forward?

Your land is more valuable than your house AND land.

Ralph Costello and Sharon Bartelloni of Unique Homes recently had a client in this exact situation.  In the words of Andrea, the homeowner, she felt “anxious, frustrated, uncertain, and frightened” before meeting Ralph and Sharon.

Unique Homes was able to provide a solution because they and their counterpart William Raveis Delta Realtors are unequaled in their ability to do it all – sell, design, build, and provide financial guidance.

Andrea tells the story in her own words:

“Several months ago my husband and I were in a quagmire.  We owned a large, older home requiring a lot of work to update and fix it but we had a limited retiree income. We needed a way to find a smaller, newer home, but didn’t know where to turn for help.  Fortunately for us, a relative introduced us to Ralph Costello and Sharon Bartelloni of Unique Homes who helped us develop a plan.  

 Ralph and Sharon guided us through the process of finding a buyer for our property, and searching for a new place for us to live. It was one-stop shopping as their teamwork and calm, positive manner helped us through the process and legalities of selling and purchasing.  They were readily available for any and all questions and problems that arose, and present at the end to congratulate us on our new home.  I cannot recommend Unique Homes enough to anyone who finds themselves in our position.  They gave us hope and helped us find a way to move to the next stage of our lives.”  Andrea Aronne

 The Solution:SOLD by William Raveis Delta - your solution

Unique Homes marketed a new home to be designed and built on the property.  They guided the sellers in every aspect of selling and finding a new home. Unique Homes found the perfect buyers – a young family with children – who wanted to design and build a new home in Medfield.

In the end, two families are happy and excited about their futures.  In the words of the seller, life was “calmer, hopeful, happier and settled.”

Keep checking back as we chronicle the design and build process for our young, growing family.Design Build sign with snow


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